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Hello everyone, A short introduction of myself, i’m Pascal and been living in my selfbuild campervan since September 2015 in Belgium. I’m currently building out my 2nd van, the engine of the first one had head gasket problem and the body had severe rust issues. So i played with the idea of fixing it for a while, but decided that it just wasn’t worth it to put the money in fixing it up. The best option seemed to bee just buy another van. That’s what i did i went on the journey of finding a replacement van. Ideal i would had find a high top extended van, but the budget i had put aside didn’t allow me to find what i was looking for. After about a month i found a solid van with low milage and a petrol engine. The previous one had a diesel and since i spend most of my time around Antwerpen and there’s an implentation of a low emission zone, this was a compromise. So the new one is a Fiat Ducato 230 H1L1 , not any remarks on the MOT, no rust, only 68 K Km when i bought it and a 2.0 L gasoline engine. I’m currently in the process of building it out while i’m staying temporary at a family members house. This is just a quick introduction post, the build process and other vanlife related things will be posted soon. I’ll put the first post of the build online by the weekend, and care comitting myself to adding at least 1 update a week. I’ll add a few pics of my old and new van in this post. The high top is the old one, the low top the current one.   If you have questions, sugestions, … feel free to comment or contact me.  

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