Prepping the van for interior build

prepping the van for interior build

Prepping the van for interior build

The first thing i had to do before i could start building was prepping the van for the interior build. Removing all the stuff in the back from the previous owner. It used to be utilized as a cargo van before i bought it. The van  is in exelent condition and just had  68.000 km when i purchased it. It’s a 2001 fiat ducato L1H1 2.0 L with a  gasoline engine. Here are a few pictures  on how it looked when i purchased it.

And a few pictures of the interior as i bought it.  The bottom part  had a  factory issued lining  wich was in great condition but i could use or reuse it so i scraped it. On the top side the wood planks where  attached with ribbots to to the bodywork tokeep the load in place.

Let's strip out the back

First i  had to drill out the ribbots to remove the wood on the topside. I used quite some drilbits to get the job done. Because of the small diameter they had the tendency to break in half. Took me about an hour an six drillbits to remove them all from the bodywork. Fairly easy job to do it yourself. At the bottom part i just had to remove the plastic push buttons from the factory lining. Just put a screwdriver between the plastic buttons and wiggle them out. Took about a quarter of an hour to remove those.

Now the back is stripped out, clean the inside and if neccesary take care of rust or bodywork issues. I just had to wash it clean with a soapy solution. I’m lucky for the fact there’s not any rust on this van 🙂

In the next post i’ll show you how i insulated the van. 

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