Painting and more draws

Painting and more draws

Painting and more draws

Painting and more draws under the bed. The original idea was to make doors on the cabinets under the bed. However because of practical consideration i decided to install drawers instead of doors. Doors would provide a tiny amount of extra storage in the cabinets. Fact is is you would want to access the stuff inside you would have to get on your knees and duck down. Drawers are more practical, you slide them out and instantly have a good vieuw of whats inside. For paint i removed the bed from the frame to make painting in the corners easier.  More paint touch ups have to be made at a later stage as more wooden pieces need to be installed.

Painting and more draws

More on how i made the cabinets over here  : 

More on how the bed is build :

Painting the frame of the bed

To paint the frame of the bed i removed the bed-box for easier access. The holes from the screws are filled in and sanded down. Afterwards i  taped of the side paneling to keep these tidy.

Painting the cabinets

I removed the cabinets completely to make things easier for myself. Since the cabinets arn’t mounted to the siding; less taping has to be done. The structure of the cabinets will be painted white like the bed. The doors and worksurface will be stained.

Drawers under the bed

For practical reasons i decided to make draws instead of doors under the bed. Had to cutaway some pieces, got more material and made the boxes for the draws.

Painting the draws

For easy cleaning afterwards i painted the inside of the drawers. The draw for the stoves has slots cutout to operate them with ease.

Staining the fronts and worksurface

Next more small details

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