Installing a roofvent

installing a roofvent

Installing a roofvent

Good air circulation is important, even more so in small and tiny spaces. Keeping a good airflow and ventilation also helps preventing mold issues. Thats why i am installing a roofvent.I chose to install one to start with, if not adequate i will install a second one later on. The model i”m installing is a Fiama crystal vent 28 cm x 28 cm with an electric fan. 

During the insulation proces of the van i allready marked of where the vent would come and left that area open. So it was pretty easy to get started. I took a small drillbit and drilled a small hole in the four corners from inside the van. Then i took a ladder, placed a blanket on the roof to prevent scratches. On top of the blanket i put a wooden board to spread the weight so i won’t make a dent in the rooftop.

Once the guide holes are drilled an im on top off the van, i drill the holes with a bigger drillbit that allows me to get the jigsaw thru. I mark of lines from the corner to corner using the holes as guide. Now the scary part cutting out the hole. 

installing a roofvent

Use a file or sanding paper to soften the sharp metel edges. Next i used roof sealing tape (epdm) to fill out the uneven spots on the rooftop to even everything out. After that a quick test fit to check if the measurements are as it should be. Then on to the silicone, i put it all around the edges from above. Don’t be economical on the sealent, you can always remove the surplus later.

Also seal it from the inside

To make sure there are no leaks i go to the inside and put more sealent around where the vent drops in. Next up its just installing the interior moulding to presure fit it. It will stay on a few days till the silicone is dried up. Afterwards ill have to remove the interior part for roof instalation. So thats how i went about installing a roofvent.

In the next post i’ll show you how i panneled off the inside. 

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