How i insulated my van

how i insulated my van

How i insulated the van

In the previous post i showed you how i prepared the van to start with insulation. So i emptied it out and cleaned it. This is how i insulated the van using  polystyrene foam boards. These come in all kind of thikness and color but the basic material is the same.

I used foam boards of 1cm thick, i add multiple boards on top of each other. The reason for this is the curvature of the van. The thicker boards arn’t that easy to bend whitout breaking. In addition to the boards i used expanding foam to fill in the gaps. And on top of that there be a layer of reflectics.


materials used for insulating the van

I started with adding  one layer of insulation, then i overlaped the seems with the second layer of foam boards. The reason for this is to prevent cold bridges. 

After the boards are in place i fill all empty spots around with foam, including the pillars. There are holes in it where you can shoot the foam thru. If neccesary drill a few extra holes to fill everything in.

!!! if u drill holes in the metal always spray a little paint over it to prevent rust !!!

Because its a low roof van and to maximize space i only added one layer of insulation boards on the ceiling.

After the polystyrene is in place i put double sided tape on top of it to hold the reflectics in place until the wooden siding goes up.

how i insulated the van

Once the tape is in place, peel it down so the sticky side is visible. I cut the reflectics to size and put it up the walls an ceiling. The seems of the reflectics are all taped off with alu tape.

how i insulated my van

In the next post i’ll show how i installed the roof vent. For those who can’t wait you can find more pictures on my Facebook , twitter or instagram 

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