Flooring and the base of the bed

Flooring and the base of the bed

Flooring and the base of the bed

Last time i showed and explained how i put the side pannels and ceiling in. This tilme it’s time for flooring and the base of the bed. The van had no rust and because the floor of a van in ribbed, i remounted the original floor. On top of that i put the same insulation as i used in the rest of the van. For the flooring itself i opted for a laminate floorboard. These are easy to cut to size and install fairly easy. I used floorboards for commercial use, they are a little more expensive but more durable. 

The base for the bed

Because my new is a low top i have to maximize space to the fullest. I lived in my previous van for almost two years, during that time i learned a lot. Pictures looks nice but they arn’t always functional. Thruth is you can plan as much as you want in advance, you only gonna find out your wants and needs while doing it. Different people have different needs. So on with the build. I designed and am building the van to suit my needs so hopefully i inspire some of you. 

I’m opting for a murphy bed in this build. In that way during the day i have some more open floorspace in case of a rainy day. Also because i’m a stealth urban vandweller it provides me with extra stealth when opening up the van. A bonus to this setup is that i can still haul cargo.

The base has to be solid because there’s gonna be a lot of torque on the hinges when the bed is in use. I made the base of the bed in 18 mm plywood, reinforced with an extra pannel on the supports.I had to keep in mind that the van curves on the topside, meaning it isn’t that wide on the top. In order to be able to set up the bed straight i had to take the thickness of the bed and matrass in to account. The bottom of the bedbase is 40 cm wide. The height is just above the wheelwell.

Here's where i got the inspiration

Next time the murphy bed

murphy bed in the van

Next time i show you how i made the murphy bed and how i got aroud using the expensive hardware kit.

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Watch a montage of the build

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