Doors and drawers

Doors and drawers

Doors and drawers

Today more details on the Doors and drawers in the van. There are drawers for the gaststoves, the cooler and a small draw for little nick nacks. Three doors need to be installed. The unit is made out of 10 mm plywood, the doors and drawers will be made out of 18 mm plywood.

Above the door in the back i left open a slot, the front of one of the upper cabinets, slides in as a table. The draw of the gasstoves slides out to have acces to the two burners. When the draw is closed there is acces to one burner. Beneath the draw of the stoves is a drawer for the cooler. For a nicer finish when closed i made the frontplate of the small draw as wide as the door underneath.

The doors are atatched with top mounting hinges. The draws are all on sliding mechanisms.

Next up paint

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