Cabinets and kitchen unit

Cabinets and kitchen unit

Building the Cabinets and kitchen unit

Today i go a little more in to detail of how i’ve build the Cabinets and kitchen unit. I started off with taping of the area on the floor of the van. So i could better imagine how the space would be filled up when the cabinets are installed. After i’ve taken all the measurement i made a plan for the Cabinets and kitchen unit. I calculated all the measurements of the required pieces. Then i transfered them onto paper to have an example on how the wood is cut best. For now i can get most pieces for the Cabinets and kitchen unit out of two sheets of plywood.

More plywood will be neede later, but this will get the structure build. For the bed i used 18 mm plywood, for the Cabinets and kitchen unit i’m using 10 mm.

Materials for the Cabinets and kitchen unit

Assembling the Cabinets and kitchen unit

The advantage of making plans in advance is that you can get straight on to assembling after the supplies are cut to size. Minor adjustments will have to be made as the assembling progresses. In the shop they only make straight cuts. The bottom unit is straight forward. Putting the pieces in the right position and using glue and screws to make the connections. The upper cabinets are curved on the top against the sides of the van. Like with the bed, templates are made in cardboard. Once the templates are made, transfer them to the designated pieces of wood and cut out with a jig saw. I still have to install a countertop so i used spacers between the under and upper cabinet unit. The part on the door will house my cooler and cooking stoves. Both are installed on drawers for easy acces.

Next time the doors and drawers

Doors and drawers

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