Building a Murphy bed in the van

murphy bed in the van

Building a Murphy bed in the van

Today i go in to more detail on building a murphy bed in the van. I first got the idea from a youtube video i watched (link in previous post). I found it a neat idea and looks tidy when the bed is tucked away. The additional bonus is that i have a lot of open floorspace when the bed is closed. My new van isn’t a high top like the previous one, so i had to be creative with the space i’ve been given. I’ll be putting in a desk chair, height adjustable so i can easely move around in the van.

On to building the murphy bed. In the previous post i made the base for the bed. The base and bed are all made in 18 mm plywood. I first made the bedframe so i can position it and can mark of where the supports are going.

Sides of the murphy bed

After i positioned the bedfram, i used cardboard to make templates. The walls of the van have a curve towards the top so this is the easiest way to get a perfect fit. After i cut out my two templates, one for the left and one for the right. I transfer them to the plywood and cut the out with a jigsaw. 

On the bottom where the bed will be hinging. I reinforced with a second piece of plywood.

The pivot of the murphy bed

After i got the initial idea of building a murphy bed in the van. There was the fact on how to make it work. Online there are plenty of expensive hardware kits availeble. But as i am more of a DIY guy i went on the look on how to build it whitout the hardware kit. After an intesive search on google and youtube i’ve stumbled upon a video that provided the solution (Link on the bottom of the article). 

Cabinets above the bed

Once the murphy bed is in i framed it to create upper cabinets. I put a board between the sides above the bed. next i measured the distance and devided it. With cardboard templates where made, transferred to wood and cutout. I’ll be finishing it off later as the build progresses. More items need to be build and more wood to be cut to size.

Murphy bed whithout hardware kit

Next time : Cabinets and kitchen unit

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